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Washington International magazine was founded in 1985 on the need to link all of Washington's embassies and their respective countries with our community. As the first publication of this genre to appear on the scene in over 20 years, we set out with a new and creative agenda --- to build bridges between nations through cross-cultural exchange and increased dialogue. In 1985, although the embassies were a part of the Washington scene, our capital city was not promoted as an international city. We had found our niche.

Washington International consistently combines cultural travel articles from all four continents with interviews offering thought-provoking dialogues with Presidents, Prime Ministers and international personalities.

With archives dating back 20 years, we maintain a history of our changing world. Riding ahead of the wave of dynamic changes in Europe, the archives include 1989 interviews with H E Jurgen Ruhfus of the Federal Republic of Germany and East German (GDR) ambassador Gerhard Herder, discussing the Berlin Wall shortly before its fall. Also included is the rebirth of Poland and Czechoslovakia and the history and development of the European Union. In 1993, after an on-site visit to Bosnia, we covered the devastation of life and culture throughout the country and wrote strong editorials protesting our US administration's lack of decisiveness in stopping the bloodshed. We have followed closely for our readers the Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland and will continue to update developments and opportunities for travel and places to visit. We have featured many Asian countries, including Taiwan, with continuous updates on a democratic country's struggle to maintain its sovereignty. In 1991 we made our first visit to Cuba. 'Havana with a Human Face' followed, with two-year updates afterwards, the last in 1998, after the visit of Pope.John Paul.

Inspired by the world's diverse people, places, culture and traditions, what we have learned we have tried to communicate to our readers. Washington International has not modeled itself after any other publication. It is a purely creative effort with its own unique niche and, with the help of its readers, we make an effort to stem the tide of dehumanization by maintaining a personal touch. Washington International invites the reader to explore the world. We recommend noteworthy hotels and destinations throughout the world. We highlight a wide mix of local and international cultural events.

Advertising in Washington International gives your business an entre into the city's expanding international presence both in Washington and throughout the world.

We are a totally independent, small business publication with no financial, editorial or other connection to any other company or organization. We subscribe to theConsumer Reports Webwatch guidelines in clearly defining our advertising, separating it from content, and never allowing secondary advertising popups. We want your online time with us to be honest and unencumbered.