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He waited for a long time sniffing around the edges waiting to see when to jump in. He had become bored with everything else in his life. His cronies, his employees, everybody would kow tow to him, he was their billionaire leader, he could do no wrong. They hung on to his every word. Yet he secretly despised them for their dependency, but he needed them. Needed them to say those words that were like velveteen to his ears.  " You would make a great President, Mr. Trump"

Scribe's Corner

Dreams of Dresden

By Patricia Keegan

There was a chord, deep within him, reaching for something that was surrounded in a mist, it came like waves on the sea-- appearing and disappearing. When images began to come clearer, the inevitable breath of the wind scattered them again, and he was alone. 

Editor's Choice

National Gallery of Art in Honor of Gallery's 75th Anniversary

Paul Mellon's Most Treasured Works on Paper - Through September 18, 2016.  Paul Mellon was one of America's greatest art collectors and remains one of the National Gallery of Art's leading benefactors. Timed to coincide with the Gallery's 75th anniversary, In Celebration of Paul Mellon features 88 of the finest pastels, watercolors, drawings, prints, and illustrated books selected from his donations.

Editor's Corner

Global Warming and Freezing Compassion

By Patricia Keegan

Among all the dire consequences of global warming, scientists now think that melting glaciers and ice caps could cause the earth to tilt on its axis. We could wryly lament that phenomenon as the root cause of the turbulent, tilted thinking we see here in the U.S. and across the world manifesting in wars, threats from North Korea, the rise of ISIS, right wing extremism on the rise in Europe, and the demoralizing, thoughtless tone of the frontrunners, on the Republican side, in the election campaign.

United Nations

UN: Creating a Better World?

By Bill Miller

On September 25, 2015, 193 world leaders convened at the UN Headquarters in New York and committed to achieve 17 Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs) that focused on 3 extraordinary  and comprehensive initiatives over the next 15 years: end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change.

United Nations

UN Goals: On Track

In 2000, under the leadership of then-UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the UN member states launched the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  The MDGs were 8 logical, measureable, agreed-upon goals dealing with poverty, education, gender equality, child and maternal mortality, diseases, the environment and global partnerships.