Editor's Choice


By Patricia Keegan

In the first seven days
God created the earth wind and stars
All glorious,
And then the children came
Growing tall in the wonder of it all,
They sowed and reaped
And knelt in worship
On bended knees their eyes shone
With a light reflecting from high above their heads.
Only one God,
Only one planet
And they were wise in their worship
And looked to each other
With the same love
They gave to the trees
And to the harvest of their days.
Finding love in abundance
And joy in the pure white snow
And in the rainbow fish
Beneath still waters
Their spirits danced with the rise of the morning sun
As its enduring light would see them
Through their daily tasks.
And in the song of the birds, seas and wind
Always the voice, “Love one another.”
Time passed and tools changed.
They explored and built
And did not pause,
Spreading steel wings
Across the planet
Until the world became a global village.
They came and went
And when they went with love they found the same
And forged a bond.
But some were visionless
Confined within the limits of their own karma.
They clamored together …. an eerie sound
Drowning the music of birds, sea and wind,
And even the voice of God.
Until ….
The children
In their wisdom
Wrapped their arms around the world
Shouting, “STOP, Give back to us, the land, the fish, the trees!”

Imagine is a poem written by the editor, part of a collection titled From a Girl to a Woman -- A Journey in Poetry due out in the summer of 2014.